Welcome to HR Securities and Investments Limited

HR Securities and Investments Limited (HRSIL) is fully authorized and regulated by the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission of (BSEC), Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd. and Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd. A brokerage firm, bearing DSE TREC no. 072 and CSE TREC no. 066, has over 18 years of experience in providing quality customs brokerage service to investors since 2005. HRSIL is a parent organization of Karnaphuli Ltd (Established in 1954), a firmly trusted concern all over Bangladesh, with its various industrial establishment such as: Shipping, Motor Cycles, Travel & Related Services, Global Satellite Television, General Insurance, Marketing & Distribution and more.

Following the same track record of goodwill and trust, HRSIL has been helping clients pursue their financial goals for the last 18 years of operation. HRSIL is proud to continue delivering excellent stock broking services at a very competitive commission rate which helps investors to achieve their goals with confidence.

Our goal is to be a market leader by providing all encompassing international standard brokerage services to maximize the wealth of our investors with confidence.

We are strongly committed to establishing a lasting relationship with our clients by providing quality services with integrity, maintaining corporate governance through our skilled and qualified human resources, our joint commitment to develop and contribute to the capital market and contributing to the social responsibility and economic development of the country.